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Re: problem tith event record

>With the change from MCL2.0b4 to MCL2.0f2 I got a problem with the
>event record.
>(require :records)
>;Warning: The file #P"Mac HD:Applications:MCL 2.0f2:library:RECORDS.lisp
>@" is ;         all record definitions are now autoloaded
>;         from the files in the "CCL:interfaces;" directory.
>;         from the files in the "CCL:interfaces;" directory.
>; While executing: LOAD-FROM-STREAM
>(defmethod ...
>  (rref *current-event* :event.modifiers)
>  ...)
>> Error: :EVENT is not a valid record type
>> While executing: FIND-RECORD-DESCRIPTOR
>> Type Command-. to abort.
>See the Restarts... menu item for further choices.
>1 >
>How can I get this running in f2?

We deprecated "ccl:library;records.lisp" with extreme prejudice, as
the definitions there were duplicates of the ones in the "ccl:interfaces;"
directory. Some of the Inside Macintosh names are different than
the ones that were in "records.lisp":

Old name                    New (Inside Macintosh) name
--------                    ---------------------------
window                      windowRecord
event                       eventRecord
control                     controlRecord
list                        listRec
dialog                      dialogRecord
sysenv                      sysenvRec

Your code should now be:

(defmethod ...
  (rref *current-event* :eventRecord.modifiers)

If you're in a hurry, you can either use your old 2.0b1 copy
of "records.lisp", or remove the comments from around the DEFRECORD forms
in the new "records.lisp" and comment out the (WARN ...) form at
the end of the file.