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Re: problem tith event record

Dieter Holz (holz@urz.unibas.ch) writes:
   With the change from MCL2.0b4 to MCL2.0f2 I got a problem with the
   event record.
   (require :records)
   ;Warning: The file #P"Mac HD:Applications:MCL 2.0f2:library:RECORDS.lisp
   @" is ;         all record definitions are now autoloaded
   ;         from the files in the "CCL:interfaces;" directory.
   ;         from the files in the "CCL:interfaces;" directory.
   ; While executing: LOAD-FROM-STREAM

   (rref *current-event* :event.modifiers)
   > Error: :EVENT is not a valid record type
The warning message indicates part of the problem, the error the remaining
In MCL2.0b1, the event record used to be called :event and is now called

1. Remove the (require :records) statement, since MCL2.0f2 automatically 
   loads the record definitions from
   the interfaces files. 

2. Replace :event by :eventRecord:
   (rref *current-event* :eventRecord.modifiers)
Some other record names have also changed from :name to :nameRecord.