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RE: Problems with (open

>Date: 20 Jul 92 17:29:31 U
>From: "pierce" <pierce@at-mail-server.vitro.com>
>Subject: RE: Problems with (open
>To: 72110.1107@compuserve.com, Info-MCL@cambridge.apple.com
>(setf a (open "test" :direction :io :if-exists :overwrite
>                :element-type '(unsigned-byte <Size>))

Of course, in addition to OPEN, many people find the 
WITH-OPEN-FILE form to be extremely handy, since it saves
one the trouble of having to remember to close the stream...

(with-open-file (stream "test" :direction :io :if-exists :overwrite
                          :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
    (write-byte 255 stream))