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Re: Difficulty in reading files

simmons@cs.utexas.edu (Bob Simmons) writes:
  We just made an application of our grammar
  acquisition system, and compressed it with Compaq.
  The application expands properly and runs properly.
  But now I can no longer read my program files on my
  Quadra 7.  I load MCL2.ob1, then
  when I try to load a lisp program file such as Zelcase.acq7,
  it refuses me with the msg that it can't find the
  application program that created it --- even though
  Lisp is sitting right there.
I had a similar problem when building my application. The problem
arises because the file creator defaults to MCL2 on the save application
call. The problem sometimes disappears when you reboot.

To correct it, use a variation of the following:
(defun make-work ()
  "Create an application corresponding to the current 'image'"
  (let ((target-appl (choose-new-file-dialog :directory "ccl:work")))
    ;(set-menubar nil)
    (save-application target-appl
                      :creator :splt    ; or some other type
                      :excise-compiler nil    ; if we want the compiler, t otherwise
                      :clear-clos-caches nil ; otherwise we can't access classes