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Need help on MIDI Manager programming

Helsinki, 21.07.1992.


I am working at CARTES (Computer Arts Centre at Espoo, Finland) on computer
music applications of digital signal processing. I am using MACL 2.0b1. I
would like to use the MIDI Manager services from my own program (reading
MIDI data from other applications, mainly). I found the trap definitions in
the Library:Interfaces folder, but I could not make them work. I'd need
some documentation about the MIDI Manager calls and the meaning of the
parameters, and if someone has used the MACL interface, I'd be very
thankful, if he shared his experiences with me.

I am not subscribed to the list, so please send your answers to the address
given below.

Thank you in advance,


Zoltan Janosy
CARTES, Finland

e-mail: vpv@vipunen.hut.fi (c/o Vesa Valimaki)