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Re: Difficulty in reading files

>I had a similar problem when building my application. The problem
>arises because the file creator defaults to MCL2 on the save application
>call. The problem sometimes disappears when you reboot.

Yes, remembering to specify something other than "MCL2" when saving the
image (or going in with ResEdit after the fact) avoids the problem.

Sometimes you may want 2 or more different MCL working images around
- and you probably want them all to have "MCL2" as their signature.

In this case, when you double-click an "MCL2" document, the Finder picks
one of these images. It uses a heuristic to pick the image you don't want.
Rebuilding the desktop may or may not help.

If you want to control which image is used, you can use the program
Save A BNDL to "bless" one of the images. It's avail for anonymous
ftp from sumex-aim or from aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (

BTW - Save A BNDL was originally prototyped in MCL. I could make the
MCL source available to interested parties.