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Condition Question

I am developing a progress reporting module that
enables one have a window showing progress while doing
some computations. The progress window behaves exactly like
the system 7 finder's file copy window. It doesn't keep
you from switching application, etc...

Everything work fine except if an error occurs.
If an error occurs, I would need to be able to do the following:

Before going to the debugger,
  - reenable MCL's menus
  - hide the progress window

If the error is continued from
  - redisable MCL's menus
  - show the progress window

I need to do this in a general setting. Beeing new to Common Lisp's
condition system I am a little lost. :-)

Thanks in advance for any help or tips.

NB: If you think you could help me on this and need the source
    to the progress reporting window, just tell me and I will be
    glad to send it.

* Guillaume Cartier                 (514) 844-5294 (maison)         *
* L.A.C.I.M.                        (514) 987-4290 (bureau)         *
* Universite du Quebec a Montreal   (514) 987-8477 (telecopieur)    *
* Montreal, Quebec, Canada          cartier@math.uqam.ca (internet) *