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Unexpected READ-FROM-STRING behavior

Dear Folks:

Am I loosing my mind? I'm getting behavior from READ-FROM-STRING that
seems wrong. It concerns the optional :start argument, which I'm
passing but doesn't seem to be having much effect. Consider the
following three tests in mcl2.0:

    ? (let ((string "(a 23 b)"))
        (read-from-string string :start 0))
    (A 23 B)                            ; right
    ? (let ((string "(a 23 b)"))
        (read-from-string string :start 1))
    (A 23 B)                            ; huh!? should be returning A, right?
    ? (let ((string "(a 23 b)"))
        (read-from-string (subseq string 1 (length string))))
    A                                   ; expected this result in second case

The first test does what I expected. The second case shows the problem. The
third case acts like I expected the second case should have. Again, I'm
grateful for any help...