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Re: Unexpected READ-FROM-STRING behavior

>ps. By the way, there's no need to send mail to both bug-mcl and info-mcl,
>since all mail sent to info-mcl goes to bug-mcl anyway.

This is not entirely correct. Most (possibly all) of the people who receive
bug-mcl mail also receive info-mcl mail. Sending to both lists means
that we who read both of them get two copies of your message. However,
I interpret messages sent to info-mcl to be asking for information from
the MCL community, whereas I interpret messages sent to bug-mcl to be
asking for a response from the MCL development team. I respond to info-mcl
messages if I feel I have time and know something about the topic. Often I
wait to see if someone else will answer and save me the time. I tend to take
bug-mcl messages a little more seriously, especially if they are bug reports.
I try to ensure that someone here answers them. We are a small team and are
not really in the technical support business, so some of the bug-mcl queries
slip through the cracks, but I've been told that we do a pretty good job.