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Re: Typo in mac-file-io.lisp?

>                      Typo in mac-file-io.lisp?
>I was trying to work through Bill St. Clair's "my-copy-file" example today in
>to understand the mac-file-io.lisp code in the Examples folder. Unhappily , it
>bombing with error -50 ("parameter error"). 
>I found the following lines in the middle of the function FSOpen in
>              (%put-long paramBlock 0  $ioPosOffset)
>              (%put-word paramBlock $fsAtMark $ioPosOffset)
>which seemed incorrect, since they simply set the same field to different
>I changed them to the following which seems to remove the problem, at least for
>Bill's example function:
>              (%put-long paramBlock 0 $ioPosOffset)
>              (%put-word paramBlock $fsAtMark $ioPosMode)
>Was this truly a typo, or is there some incredible subtlety that I am missing?
>Also, if this was a known bug, where should I have looked to find it out? I
>been reading this mailing list for a month or two and haven't seen any bug
>about this...

It's been a known bug for a long time. I don't remember putting it
in any of the 2.0b1 patches, however. It definitely appeared on
info-mcl or bug-mcl around the time that Dale Skrien told us about
it, but I don't know which (if it was bug-mcl you would have no way
to have seen it) Here's the mod history line for the fix:

;; 08/19/91 bill in FSOpen: (%put-word paramBlock $fsAtMark $ioPosOffset) ->
;;                          (%put-word paramBlock $fsAtMark $ioPosMode)
;;               (thanx to Dale J. Skrien)