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	I am developing a CAI course which will teach users to operate a
interpreter called BLOCK.  That is a interpreter which talking about
block structure like PASCAL. And I develop this courseware in SuperCard.
My SuperCard version is Aldus SuperCard 1.6.  And my system is 7.0.  

	My problem is that when users learn some nortion or some
instruction, they may want to practice or test right now.  So I want to
open a window on the screen to let users to input what they want to try.
That means the lines that users input should be evalued and show the
outcome on the same window.  But my interpreter in written in Lisp and
my courseware is developed in SuperCard.  I know that Apple Event can
help me to connect them.  And the problem is how to make them apple
event aware?  
	I would like to repeat my problem clearly: I want to accept the
users' input in a SuperCard project and send the whole input to the 
interpreter, and the interpreter is responsible to evaluate the code
then send the outcome back to the SuperCard project via apple event.
Can anyone tell me how to make my interpreter apple event aware?  Or I
will reimplement the whole interpreter in SuperTalk? It is wonderful if
anyone who know how to make my SuperCard project apple event aware.

Thanks in advance
Lin, Chien Chang
25 july 1992