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William's Object Oriented Database (Wood)

William's Object Oriented Database (Wood) is a simple persistent store
for MCL 2.0.

Wood version 0.5 is on the anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com
in the file /pub/mcl2/contrib/wood-0.5.sea.hqx.
The documentation is contained in that archive and is also
in the file /pub/mcl2/contrib/wood.doc.

This is alpha software. It is incomplete: though you can save/restore
all Lisp objects to/from a file, there is no transaction/recovery manager
and no garbage collector for the persistent heap. I am working on these in
my copious spare time. I will not be able to provide much support, but
you get source code.

Please try it and send me feedback.

Send bug reports to bug-wood@cambridge.apple.com.

Send questions and comments for other interested Wood users to

To subscribe to info-wood, send a request to
(info-wood-req@cambridge.apple.com@internet# for AppleLink users).

The BinHex'ed self extracting archive is about 280K bytes long.
Please don't ask me to mail it unless you really don't have FTP
access and are serious about testing it. I will be glad to post
it to AppleLink or mail the documentation file (< 20K) on request.