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Wood 0.5 update

I noticed a bug in the doc file (wood.doc) and decided to fix it.
It used to say that p-clear-btree, p-map-btree, p-clrhash, & p-maphash
were not implemented. They actually exist. I also updated the code
for p-map-btree so that it would correctly deal with insertions or
deletions during mapping ('tis better to fix than to feature).

Changed files:


I replaced the files "wood-0.5.sea.hqx" and "wood.doc" in the
/pub/mcl2/contrib/ directory of the anonymous FTP server at
cambridge.apple.com. If you scarfed them early this morning, you may
want to do so again (remember, "wood.doc" is part of "wood-0.5.sea.hqx").