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SUBJECT:  printing from MCL 2.0

I have been using LISP to deliver applications on the MacIntosh since the first
days of Coral.  (I was even a user of Pearl LIsp).  In one application (which
draws pictures of genetic maps of human chromosomes) I have provided the users
with the ability to print their maps. Because of this, and having to update my code
for all the revisions of the LISP system up to and including MCL 2.0, I have
had to revise the code which does the printing many times.

Why code which accessed printing traps needed to be changed so
often is a question I cannot answer.  However, I would like to request that
MCL 2.0 provide support for printing.  

Specifically I would like to see an example file which is not:

    "unsupported and possibly untested."

It would also be nice if the example file did not use undocumented features.
It would also be nice if the code did not become obsolete at the next release.

Please reply by email, I am not a subcriber to info-mcl.