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McCartney MCL Library 1.1

This is a new release of my library of MCL utilities.  It is intended for 
MCL 2.0 final users (it will not run on 2.0b1).

Archived as:  mccartney-library11.sea.hqx

My previous release included file utils, number line view, histogram
view, scatter plot view, etc.  Everything uses color (but will run under
black and white) and offscreen graphics for speed and smoothness.

In addition, I have added the following:

1)  POP UP VIEW:  a view that "pops up" to temporarily display programmer
    defined graphics and text.  It appears like a shadow edge window on
    the screen.  It is displayed as long as the user has the mouse
    button down, and instantaneously restores the background that
    it covered when the mouse is released (like a pop up menu does).

2)  POP UP VIEW BUTTON:  a button that displays a pop up view when pressed.

3)  POP UP SELECT ICON VIEW:  a pop up view that displays a palette of
    icons.  The user can select an icon by moving the mouse over it.
    This is like the tool palettes seen in many graphics programs.
    (e.g. canvas)

4)  SELECT ICON BUTTON:  a button dialog item that displays an icon.  When the
    user presses the button, a pop up select icon view is displayed, allowing
    the user to select an icon.  The selected icon becomes the icon
    displayed by the button.

- Paul