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Re: McCartney MCL Library 1.1

Terrance Paul McCartney (paul@vault.WUstl.EDU) writes:
that he has added enhancements to the mccartney-library11.sea.hqx
to support pop up objects for selecting icons that act like floating
hidden palettes.

My menu-enhancements.sit.hqx file contains similar "pop up" 
menu support for marking menus - the selection depends
on direction and not on fine positioning.

Menus are active when the mouse is down and
appear when the mouse is down for a long time "without moving

Items are selected by moving outside a central area. 

No selection occurs if the mouse is released in the central region.

You can make a quick mark leaving an ink trail that is then erased.

Menus can be associate with views, with the most specific being run.

Multiple level menus (hierarchical menus) are supported. 

Using this technique, you can scroll easily by assigning a menu
to the view with page up and page down assigned in some coherent
way. You don't have to acquire the menu-bar, issue a command key
short cut, or wait for the menu to appear or fiddle with the 
arrows (tiny), or the elevator.