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Re: ask for code about apple event

Mr. Lin wrote :


>	I am glad to hear that Lisp can certainly be apple event aware, and
>I have some examples in my MCL example folder, they are AppleEvents.p, 
>Events.p, OSEvents.p.  But they are so hard to understand.  So, if anyone 
>can give some algorithm to help me how to make my lisp program apple event
>aware, for example, to connect lisp program and pascal, or connect lisp 
>program and SuperCard, etc.

>Lin, Chien Chang
>28 july 1992

I am also trying the FF to use the functions of Pascal. Have anyone done this
yet ? Since there are traps offer for MCL, why the FF still powerful ?

Can anyone make a comment about the this ? That will be very helpful to let
me go straight forward.

PS. Mr. Lin, May you leave your E-mail add ? I may send you more info.