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Re: blinking parentheses

>I want to have some editable text windows in my MCL application with
>scrolling text boxes.  I would like to use text-dialog-items, but, unless I
>missed something, I haven't seen any scrolling-text-dialog-items. 
>Therefore I've tried to use scrolling-fred-dialog-items.  The problem is
>that it provides all the fred commands (which I don't want) as well as
>basic text editing.  I've managed to disable all but the basic text editing
>features by shadowing keyboard commands, but I haven't been able to disable
>the blinking parentheses, which I don't need since the user won't be
>editing Lisp code.  Is there a way to disable that feature?

In 2.0 final, you can write a method on FRED-BLINK-POSITION that
always returns NIL. In 2.0b1 this is a bit harder (the only practical
solution I can think of is to turn off blinking on all Fred buffers).

Here's how in 2.0 final. If you really want to know, I'll tell you
how in 2.0b1:

(defclass unblinking-fred-dialog-item (fred-dialog-item)

(defmethod fred-blink-position ((self unblinking-fred-dialog-item))