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Please take a moment to answer this question

Hi everyone,

  Could you time the expression (SAVE-APPLICATION "foobar")
  in MCL2.0 and send me the results with a description of 
  your machine (Macintosh model, System version, System
  language, TuneUp version if present, ...).

For days now, I have been trying to solve the following
problem in MCL2.0:

  SAVE-APPLICATION takes 2 to 4 times the time it should
  take to complete on some of the machines I am running.

I have tried everything a sane person can think of with no
positive results. I submitted the problem to the MCL team
but they were as puzzled as I.

I concluded that the only way to get some insight on the
problem was to make a survey among the MCL community and try
deducing what everyone that has the same problem as me have
in common.

Maybe some of you have been experiencing the same problem but
were not aware of it... Correct times should approximately be:

  IIci       -> 1m00
  IIfx       -> 40s
  Quadra 700 -> 30s
  Quadra 900 -> 20s

(On my Quadra 700 it generally takes 1m50 to complete!)

Warmest thanks for your participation.

Reply to me directly,
I will summarize any interesting results.

* Guillaume Cartier                 (514) 844-5294 (maison)         *
* L.A.C.I.M.                        (514) 987-4290 (bureau)         *
* Universite du Quebec a Montreal   (514) 987-8477 (telecopieur)    *
* Montreal, Quebec, Canada          cartier@math.uqam.ca (internet) *