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Corrupted Files on MCL 2.0 CD-ROM?

I've tried to use a couple of the larger user-contributed samples from the
MCL 2.0 CD-ROM, and have encountered corrupted files. I'd like to know
whether this is just my copy (not likely, I'd think - why wouldn't I get an
error while copying files from the CD?) or whether the files were damaged in
transit from their contributors to cambridge.apple.com?

Here are some specific examples of definitions that are trashed:

User Contributed Code:Collected Works:Alanr's Contribution:AED:Code:
    defmethod detach-style ((stylee has-style))

User Contributed Code:Collected Works:Alanr's Contribution:Sheet:Substrate:
    defmethod set-view-size ((w a-window) h &optional v &aux 
                          (new-size (make-point h v)))

User Contributed Code:Expert Systems:Babylon-2.2  (GMD, Germany):mcs
    defmacro DEFMETHOD ((a_class . qualifier-and-selector) parameter-list 
                     &rest body)

Does anyone else see these files as damaged, or do I have a bad copy of the