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TrueType in MCL 2.0?

Can someone provide hints as to the best way to use TrueType in MCL 2.0? I
have the following in my Init.Lisp:

(#_SetOutlinePreferred t)
(#_SetPreserveGlyph nil)

These enable TrueType fonts, but there are some odd associated behaviors -
there's a lot of disk activity on redraw, and the disk is accessed for each
and every flash of a matching delimiter in a FRED window.

My guess is that TrueType needs more Mac heap space for its font cache (but
I'm not sure - could it be something else?). I'm sure I could puzzle out the
LSIZ resource and try various settings, but that makes for a very slow
trial-and-error cycle - relaunching MCL for each new setting. Is there a way
to influence the amount of Mac heap space allocated during runtime?

Also, I'll mention that using (#_SetPreserveGlyph t) causes all sorts of
problems with text drawing in Fred windows, and the inspector, backtrace, and
apropos dialogs - looks like actual line height isn't obtained properly.