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Re: Corrupted Files on MCL 2.0 CD-ROM?

> Dave - in what way are these files trashed? The examples you included
> below are identical to what I have, but they also seem to have nothing
> wrong with them. Can you send me five or six lines containing the
> "garbled" parts? 

Sorry, I wasn't clear about what was wrong - the actual damage was within the
bodies of the forms I described. All the damage took the form of "garbled"
characters - not clear whether there were extra and/or missing chars as well.

At any rate, the problem is _not_ with the CD-ROM. I borrowed the CD-ROM
drive again, and found that the files were OK, so I re-copied everything to
my hard disk. I'm still puzzled as to how I could have copied garbage without
the Finder complaining...