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Re: TrueType vs MCL

> >Can someone provide hints as to the best way to use TrueType in MCL 2.0? I
> >have the following in my Init.Lisp:
> >
> >(#_SetOutlinePreferred t)
> >(#_SetPreserveGlyph nil)
> >
> >These enable TrueType fonts, but there are some odd associated behaviors -
> >there's a lot of disk activity on redraw, and the disk is accessed for
> >and every flash of a matching delimiter in a FRED window.
> >
> >My guess is that TrueType needs more Mac heap space for its font cache
> >I'm not sure - could it be something else?).

> I have my MCL set for a 6 meg partition (in Finder's Get Info box).  I
don't see
> the excessive disk accesses you report.  I think you're probably right
about a
> need for more heap space.  And Dave Moon's reply seems right.  Here's some
> what (room) reports right after startup for me:
> Mac Heap:       587548 (573K)       247504 (241K)       340044 (333K)
> Lisp Heap:     4800512 (4688K)      3983440 (3890K)       818128 (798K)
> And, that is enough room to avoid the problems you are seeing.
>   Hope this helps.
>    --John

Thanks to both you and Dave Moon for the help. Since I reloaded everything
from CD, the odd behaviors have disappeared. I suspect that other files may
have been corrupted (again, by some unknown problem related to my first
session with the CD-ROM drive - the CD itself is fine), besides the ones I