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Ptable problems, double vision and scroll bar query

1) Yeah, the double message phenomenon seems to have struck over
   here in Yoorp as well. And some messages are coming in more than
   two times each. I feel like Yossarian in "Catch-22": "I see
   everything twice! I see everything twice!"

2) I've had trouble with 'ptable` on a Quadra 700 running tuned
   System 7.0.1. Not actually with AppleShare - I didn't have the
   little beast in my system folder long enough for that - but
   with MacTCP 1.1. I'm running NCSA Telnet 2.4.5, which goes
   via the MacTCP drivers, and with 'ptable' loaded, Telnet
   complains that it can't find things on the Ethernet, and
   can't "open the resolver" (whatever *that* is).

   I guess that I may not even need 'ptable' since I'm running
   on a Quadra, which has its memory management fairly well sorted-out,
   but just to let you all know that 'ptable' evidently can have
   side-effects on networking software. Caveat connector ...

Incidentally - has anyone noticed anything strange about scroll bar
dialog items in 2.0 final? My application was quite well-behaved under
2.0b1, but since I dragged it - kicking and screaming - into
compatibility with 2.0, the scroll bars have been misbehaving badly.
Specifically, the thumb tends to end up jammed hard against one end of
the bar (its thumb - not mine :-) ) when (scroll-bar-value >
scroll-bar-min) - i.e., when there should still be room to scroll and
when, indeed, clicking on the arrow causes the view to scroll further.
I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that I've changed
view-scroll-position and/or the view-origin slot. Sorry not to be able
to formalise the problem more precisely, but I'm hoping that this
somewhat vague question will be recognised by someone who's had similar
problems.  In short, what is it that's changed between 2.0b1 and 2.0
about the scroll bar dialog items (apart from being moved into the
application) that could cause problems?

        Thanks in advance, and apologies for violating the golden rule of
posting by putting multiple topics in one message; time is short, and
besides, the way that messages are getting multiplied on info-mcl these
days, if I wrote a separate message for each topic, the resulting
transmission and re-transmission of duplicates could probably bring down
the Internet ... :-)

                                Angus McIntyre
                                Knowledge Technologies n.v.