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Interfacing to I/O boards

I am using GW's MacADIOS I/O board to interface to sensors and 
motors which are part of a control algorithm testbed.  I want to 
call C functions compiled using Symantec's Think C development
system.  These C functions are used to get data from sensors and
to give commands to motors.

The manual tells how to use foreign function calls for code
compiled by MPW.  This does not work for Think C.  Can anyone
recommend a way to overcome this problem?

I asked this question at MacWorld last week in Boston.  No one in 
the Apple booth knew much about LISP nor could they provide
any recommendations for hardware interfaces for this kind of
application.  The most consistent recommendation I got for 
interfacing to sensors and motors from a mac was to use a 
serial connection to a PC outfitted with a good I/O board.  The
PC could be used as a co-processor.

If using a serial connection to a PC is a good solution, can 
anyone recommend examples of protocols I can use?

-- John Doleac
   GTE Laboratories, Incorporated
   Waltham, MA