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opening files from the Finder

        I have created a stand-alone application using MCL 2.0 final. 
Using the code supplied with the Binhex sample application, I figured out
how to use the function finder-parameters so that when the user
double-clicks on a file created by my app, the finder automatically starts
up my app and calls my function load-clicked-files, which loads the
clicked-on file (I want my app to _load_ the file, which contains lisp
code, rather than _display_ the contents of a file in a new fred window). 
This all works fine.
        However, if my app is already running and the user double-clicks on
one of its files in the Finder, a new fred window is created and the
contents of the clicked-on file are displayed in it.  This is not what I
want.  When the user double-clicks on a file owned by my app, I would
_like_ for my function load-clicked-files to be executed, just as occurs
during startup.
        Can someone tell me how to do this?
        By the way, this problem only seems to occur under System 7 (on a
Mac IIcx or Quadra).  When I run my app under System 6.0.8 (on a Mac IIcx)
and then double-click on a file in the Finder, I get a message saying you
have to open the file from within the application.  If this message occured
all the time, then I would have no problem.  So an alternate solution to my
problem would be getting this message to always appear when this situation

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