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Problem printing to ImageWriter

I am experiencing a bomb dialog after printing to the ImageWriter
with my Mac IIx running MCL 2.0 final.  

The senario:
 Launch MCL 2.0
 Open a small, 5-line MCL file.
 Select Page Setup from the File menu.
   Select Portrait mode, no other options
 Dismiss the setup dialog
 Select Print... from the File menu.
   Select Hand Feed, Faster printing.
   Click Print
 Page then prints just fine.
 Select Page Setup again...BOMB  System Error MCL 2.0 bus error
    (Sometimes the bomb dialog appears just by clicking the menubar.)

It does not matter which port, modem or printer; it doesn't seem to
matter whether Appletalk is active or not.

Draft printing does NOT do this, only Better or Faster modes do...

 Mac IIx with Mode32 and 20Meg RAM
 ImageWriter II

 System 7.0.1 w/Tuner 1.1.1
 ImageWriter driver version 7.0

Any information would be appreciated.  Our application, which prints
carbon-copy forms, is nearing completion, so any information on this
apparent problem would be very much appreciated.

The problem does not (seem to) exist in MCL 2.0b1.

Thank you.
Leonard Hermens                 lhermens@eecs.wsu.edu
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
(509)-335-2215            Washington State University