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Re: CANCEL: opening files from the Finder

>Please ignore my last request for help about opening files from the Finder.
>I just found the definition of the open-documents-handler method on the CD
>ROM and think I can get what I need by modifying that for my app.

Patch 1 for MCL 2.0 will make OPEN-DOCUMENTS-HANDLER call the
OPEN-APPLICATION-DOCUMENT generic function for each file passed
in the appleevent. The OPEN-APPLICATION-DOCUMENT generic function
is passed two arguments: *APPLICATION* and a pathname for the file.
The method specialized on the APPLICATION class opens opens text
files with FRED or loads fasl files. You can define your own
subclass of APPLICATION and set *APPLICATION* to an instance of
this class to cause your method on OPEN-APPLICATION-DOCUMENT to
be invoked.


The deafult MCL startup code (which will run if you do not pass a
:TOPLEVEL-FUNCTION argument to SAVE-APPLICATION) also does its
open and print handling by calling OPEN-APPLICATION-DOCUMENT or

Patch 1 for MCL 2.0 is now in beta test. It should be shipping soon.
I will send you a copy of the "appleevents-patch" which implements
this new feature if you would like to start using it before patch
1 ships.