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   Date: 13 Aug 92 14:35:06 GMT
   From: Forster@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de (Peter Forster)

   A half year ago we got CLIM 1.0 from ILA for our MAC. This week we
   installed the MAC 2.0 (final version) and recognize that CLIM 1.0
   could not be installed with MAC 2.0, because the binary type of the
   clim files is different of the binary type of  MAC 2.0 (final
   version). Where can we get the new CLIM upgrade for MCL 2.0?

Bill York and I (the original MCL CLIM developers) have acquired the
MCL CLIM product from ILA.  Under the name Illudium Software, we will
continue to develop and distribute MCL CLIM.  Our first task is the
completion of MCL CLIM 1.1 for MCL 2.0 final, which we expect to
deliver shortly (this means a small integer number of weeks, not
months).  MCL CLIM 1.1 will be equivalent to the CLIM 1.1 available
from Symbolics, Lucid, and Franz for their platforms.  Once MCL CLIM
1.1 is shipping, we will turn our attentions to MCL CLIM 2.0, in
conjunction with the CLIM 2.0 efforts of the other vendors.

If you have any other questions, or would like to place an order for
MCL CLIM, please contact me or Bill via direct email or by phone.
We're having some email distribution problems (isn't that always how
it is?), so for the near term you can reach us at:

Dennis Doughty:  doughty@ileaf.com

Bill York:  york@lucid.com

or you may call us at 1-415-968-3656.

-- Dennis Doughty