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record pattern

to info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
cc poeck@informatik.uni-wurzburg.de

I am a little bit confused by the different definitions of the record
pattern in records.lisp being

(defrecord pattern 
  (variant ((w0 integer)
            (w1 integer)
            (w2 integer)
            (w3 integer))
           ((b0 byte)
            (b1 byte)
            (b2 byte)
            (b3 byte)
            (b4 byte)
            (b5 byte)
            (b6 byte)
            (b7 byte))
           ((bytes (array byte 8)))
           ((array (array :unsigned-byte 8)))))

which is fine for use because we have used the b0 , bn variant in our
but which is commented
and the version in 

interfaces:quickdraw.lisp which is

(defrecord (Pattern :handle) (array (array :unsigned-byte 8)))

which definition of pattern is the best one? Is it safe to replace the
definition in quickdraw by the one in records

Karsten Poeck
Universitaet Wuerzburg