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Desperately seeking Error 7

I have been trying for days to get MCL V2.0 to work.  Here's the story:

0.  I have a IIci with 4MB of RAM, running System 7.0.0 + Tuneup.  I use Init
	Manager (Baseline Publishing) to control my INITs.  MCL 2.0b1 ran on
	it with no trouble.  I use virtual memory {14MB) and do not use 32-bit

1.  I copied the MCL 2.0 folder from the final-edition CDROM.  I put ptable
	into the correct folder (even though it isn't needed).  I rebooted the
	system.  The ptable icon came up x-ed out (which it should).  I then
	double-clicked the MCL 2.0 icon, and after a lot of disk activity I get
	a DS Bomb - "MCL 2.0" Error Type 7.

2.  I tried it without inits, except for Init Manager.  Same problem.

3.  I tried it without ANY startup code (booting with shift key pressed) and
	MCL came up, but with insufficient memory, since virtual memory is
	apparently one of the startup resources.

4.  I replaced Init Manager with Apple's Extension Manager V1.6.  Same problem.

5.  I removed the Syquest disk that had my copy of MCL 2.0, and double-clicked
	the original on the CDROM.  Same problem.

There are a few more things I need to try, but they get increasingly intrusive
to my configuration.  Before I move all the INITs to a non-system folder,
replace all the System files, or add more real memory, I will ask you all a
couple of questions:

What is an Error Type 7?
Are there known problems with defective CDROMs?  (I could try extracting MCL
from the virtual floppies).
Are there known INIT problems, or problems with 7.0.0 + Tune-up?
Do I need 7.0.1 or 7.1.0 beta?
Why do I ask so many questions?

Please help me before I dust off my C++ compiler :-)