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Re: Mailing list vs News Group

> This is correct - messages posted to comp.lang.lisp.mcl
> are not posted to the info-mcl mailing list (although
> info-mcl messages are posted to the newsgroup). 

Actually, that's NOT true.  We have a bi-directional gateway
between the mailing list and the newsgroup.  Messages posted
to comp.lang.lisp.mcl are forwarded to info-mcl and messages
send to info-mcl are forwarded to comp.lang.lisp.mcl.  Loops
are prevented by not forwarding forwarded messages.

Of course messages posted on comp.lang.lisp.mcl can only be
forwarded to info-mcl if they reach our host (cambridge.apple.com).
So for example if somebody at your site posts a message with
distribution: local, then you will see it in your newsreader
but it will never make it to the mailing list.  Similarly if
a posting from far away gets eaten up by some broken news site
on the way to here.  Or if our news feeds are acting up, as
they had been recently, so we're not getting any news here at
all (they appear to be fixed now)...