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Saving print-style-dialog

At DARPA,  we've been using Sybase/SQR as a report writer server
for an MCL 2.0 application which prints the reports out from
fred-windows.  The reports vary from 80 to 160 columns in width,
so (print-style-dialog) is called to set the print style to
landscape and reduction varying from 100 to 50%  depending on
which report is being printed.

We need to automate the setting of the print record associated
with each report document,  as it is with most other Mac applications.

There must be a hook into the print record which MCL uses to
print fred-windows.  But I haven't been able to find it.  If I 
just knew where it is I could save it out to a resource in
either MCL or each document and pull it back in later.

Does anybody know where that hook is?  


Lawrence Au