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Think's Starlisp Simulator

In the mean time I have found myself the solution to the
system building problem posted earlier. The reason why MCL2.0b1 
succeeded earlier in building the Starlisp simulator, whereas 
MCL2.0f failed is the following:

The version on the MCL 2.0 CD ROM is OLDER than the one obtainable 
via anonymous FTP from the Apple Cambridge archive. Someone has gone
through all the FTP'able code and put in all the #-:CCL2's and 
#+:CCL2's (#+CLtL2 would have been nicer) necessary to circumvent the
package problems. This is certainly not an elegant way (I thought the 
package system and naming schene was designed such that Lisp/User and
Common-Lisp/Common-Lisp-User could happily co-exist), but it seems to
solve my immediate problem of system building.

So anyone wishing to use the Starlisp simulator: please check out
the code from Apple directly! Do not use the CD ROM code! However
note that the CD-ROM folder contains more complete documentation than 
the FTP'able stuff.

Sorry for having inconvenienced anyone.

Hans-Martin Adorf
Garching, FRG