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Re: can't find help file in standalone

>I'm using the file help-manager.lisp to add help balloons to my application,
>and it works well. However, when I create a standalone and turn on help,
>a dialog box appears with a message saying that it can't find some help
>file, and do I wish to locate it? My help specs are in the application code
>itself, not in a separate resource file or fork. How do I avoid this dialog?

First, the two files "ccl:library;help-manager.lisp" and
"ccl:library;resources.lisp" must be loaded into your application.

Second, if you do not use a resource file for your application,
you should specialize one of the methods: 


The easiest way to do this is:

(defclass my-application (application) ())

(setq *application* (make-instance 'my-application))

(defmethod ccl::help-resource-file ((app my-application))

If you carefully peruse the source to "ccl:library;help-manager.lisp",
you will see why this works.