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A better "Fred Commands" help window

The following replaces the contents of the "Fred Commands" window.
Perhaps you will find it easier to use.

 --dave yost

Global command table (see key at end)

    c A             ed-beginning-of-line
   cs A             ed-select-beginning-of-line
   cm A             ed-start-top-level-sexp
c-X/c A             ed-arglist
    c B             ed-backward-char
   cs B             ed-backward-select-char
    m B             ed-backward-word
   ms B             ed-backward-select-word
   cm B             ed-backward-sexp
  cms B             ed-backward-select-sexp
    m C             ed-capitalize-word
c-X/c C             ed-eval-or-compile-top-level-sexp
    c D             ed-delete-char
    m D             ed-delete-word
   cm D             ed-down-list
c-X/c D             ed-get-documentation
    c E             ed-end-of-line
   cs E             ed-select-end-of-line
   cm E             ed-end-top-level-sexp
   cm E             ed-end-top-level-sexp
c-X/c E             ed-eval-current-sexp
    c F             ed-forward-char
   cs F             ed-forward-select-char
    m F             ed-forward-word
   ms F             ed-forward-select-word
   cm F             ed-forward-sexp
  cms F             ed-forward-select-sexp
   cm H             ed-select-top-level-sexp
c-X/  H                select-all
c-X/c I             ed-inspect-current-sexp
    c K             ed-kill-line
   cm K             ed-kill-forward-sexp
    m L             ed-downcase-word
   cm L             ed-last-buffer
    c M             ed-macroexpand-1-current-sexp
    m M             ed-back-to-indentation
   cm M                reparse-modeline
   cm M                add-modeline
c-X/c M             ed-macroexpand-current-sexp
    c N             ed-next-line
    c N             ed-select-next-line
   cm N             ed-next-list
  cms N             ed-select-next-list
    c O             ed-open-line
   cm O             ed-split-line
    c P             ed-previous-line
   cs P             ed-select-previous-line
   cm P             ed-previous-list
  cms P             ed-select-previous-list
   cm Q             ed-indent-sexp
    c R             ed-i-search-reverse
c-X/c R             ed-read-current-sexp
    c S             ed-i-search-forward
c-X/c S                window-save
    c T             ed-transpose-chars
    m T             ed-transpose-words
   cm T             ed-transpose-sexps
    c U             ed-universal-argument
   cm U             ed-bwd-up-list
    m U             ed-upcase-word
c-X/c U             ed-history-undo
    c V             ed-next-screen
   cs V             ed-select-next-screen
    m V             ed-previous-screen
   ms V             ed-select-previous-screen
c-X/c V                edit-select-file
    c W             ed-kill-region
    m W             ed-copy-region-as-kill
c-X/c W                window-save-as
c-X/c X             ed-exchange-point-and-mark
    c Y             ed-yank
    m Y             ed-yank-pop

      ESC           ed-collapse-selection
      Tab           ed-indent-for-lisp
    c Tab           ed-indent-differently
    m Tab           ed-self-insert
      Space            interactive-arglist
    m Space         ed-delete-whitespace
   cm Space         ed-select-current-sexp
    c Space         ed-push/pop-mark-ring
c-X/c Space         ed-delete-forward-whitespace
      Delete        ed-rubout-char
    s Delete        ed-rubout-char
    m Delete        ed-rubout-word
   cm Delete        ed-kill-backward-sexp
      Return        ed-self-insert
    c Return        ed-newline-and-indent
      Enter         ed-eval-or-compile-current-sexp
      Help          ed-inspect-current-sexp
      Del  |X>      ed-delete-char
      Home          ed-beginning-of-buffer
      End           ed-end-of-buffer
      PageUp        ed-previous-screen
    s PageUp        ed-select-previous-screen
      PageDown      ed-next-screen
    s PageDown      ed-select-next-screen
      BackArrow     ed-backward-char
    m BackArrow     ed-backward-word
    s BackArrow     ed-backward-select-char
   ms BackArrow     ed-backward-select-word
    c BackArrow     ed-backward-sexp
   cs BackArrow     ed-backward-select-sexp
   cm BackArrow     ed-backward-sexp
  cms BackArrow     ed-backward-select-sexp
      ForwardArrow  ed-forward-char
    m ForwardArrow  ed-forward-word
    s ForwardArrow  ed-forward-select-char
   ms ForwardArrow  ed-forward-select-word
    c ForwardArrow  ed-forward-sexp
   cs ForwardArrow  ed-forward-select-sexp
   cm ForwardArrow  ed-forward-sexp
  cms ForwardArrow  ed-forward-select-sexp
      UpArrow       ed-previous-line
    s UpArrow       ed-select-previous-line
   cm UpArrow       ed-previous-list
  cms UpArrow       ed-select-previous-list
      DownArrow     ed-next-line
    s DownArrow     ed-select-next-line
   cm DownArrow     ed-next-list
  cms DownArrow     ed-select-next-list
      F1               undo
      F2               cut
      F3               copy
      F4               paste

    m ~                window-set-not-modified
    c @               (Same as c-Space)
   cm @               (Same as cm-Space)
    m #             ed-insert-sharp-comment
    m (             ed-insert-parens
   cm (             ed-bwd-up-list
    m )             ed-move-over-close-and-reindent
   cm )             ed-fwd-up-list
      -             ed-digit
    m -             ed-numeric-argument
    c -             ed-numeric-argument
   cm -             ed-numeric-argument
    c =             ed-what-cursor-position
    c _             ed-history-undo
   cm _             ed-print-history
    c +             ed-what-cursor-position
    m \             ed-delete-horizontal-whitespace
    m "             ed-insert-double-quotes
    m ;             ed-indent-comment
   cm ;             ed-kill-comment
c-X/  ;             ed-set-comment-column
    m .             ed-edit-definition
    c /             ed-help
    m <             ed-beginning-of-buffer
    m >             ed-end-of-buffer
    c ?             ed-help

      0             ed-digit
    m 0             ed-numeric-argument
    c 0             ed-numeric-argument
   cm 0             ed-numeric-argument
(similarly for 1 through 9)

    c D = control-D   [control key -or- command + shift keys]
    m D = meta-D      [option key]
    s D = shift-D
c-X/  H = control-X followed by H
c-X/c D = control-X followed by control-D