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Re: MCL 2.0 & ftp

>Has anybody ever transferred files by ftp using MCL 2.0? We are using
>some sample code that comes with the application but it seems to have
>a bug in it. We can open a control stream but when we try to open a
>data stream, the whole whole thing crashes.  Any advice?  Any code
>that does actually work?

In fact, I have a package that enables you to use MCL
to transfer files with FTP or send mail to the internet.
(I almost never use unix's FTP anymore, as it is so much
nicer to do it via MCL and to have a nice mac interface)

I was planning on making this package a public contribution
when it would be ready.

The problem is that this package is still in development
(amongst many others) and because it uses so many of my other
modules, it is very unpractical to give as a whole. What I can
do, is send you the basic routines underlying the use of FTP and
SENDMAIL (the ones that took a lot of time to develop...).

Naturaly you have to be unafraid of uncommented, unfullytested code. ;-)

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