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Re: Corrupted Files on MCL 2.0 CD-ROM?

>In article <9208062217.tn43897@aol.com>, dblamkins@aol.com writes:
>> Does anyone else see these files as damaged, or do I have a bad copy of the
>> CD-ROM?
>I noticed that one file (qt-objects.lisp) was "corrupted" by being
>word-wrapped in a non-lisp fashion.  This caused symbols to be broken in
>two with the second part appearing on the next line.  Since there was now
>whitespace in between the two parts, they were read in as 2 separate
>symbols.  Manually undoing all the inappropriate line-breaks fixed the

It looks the same on my copy. Appears as if line breaks were added by
a misguided mailer. As we said in the ReadMe file about the User
Contributed Code folder: "The contents of this folder have  been
contributed by users and are unsupported and may be untested."