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Re: Interfacing to I/O boards

>John Doleac wrote, in a message dated Wed, 12 Aug 1992 15:19-0400
>"I want to call C functions compiled using Symantec's Think C development
>The manual tells how to use foreign function calls for code
>compiled by MPW.  This does not work for Think C.  Can anyone
>recommend a way to overcome this problem?"
>I believe there are two workarounds:
>1) If you have THINK Pascal, you can use it to create a library consisting of
>just your THINK C project. THINK Pascal libraries are the same as MPW object
>files, and can be used by MCL's FF loader.
>2) There is a user contribution on the MCL 2.0 CD-ROM that seems to have
>something to do with loading FF code directly from a THINK C project file. I
>can't vouch for this, as I don't own THINK C, but it's worth a look.

A third method is to use CODE resources.
I have used THINK Pascal to create functions which are then compiled by
THINK into CODE resources.  These resources can then be called from MCL by
using ff-call.  The same could be done in THINK C.