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Re: A better "Fred Commands" help window

> To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
> The following replaces the contents of the "Fred Commands" window.
> Perhaps you will find it easier to use.
As the originator of the Fred Commands window, I'd like to state
that Yost's formatting is a definate improvement on mine. [Thanks David!]
I'd vote for one change to Yost's:

It would be good to minimize the distance between the cmd syntax and
its function name. So I'd respell 
ForwardArrow to FwdArrow, take out an additional space and shift the
fn names left by 4 spaces. This makes the forwardArrow lines harder to read but
everything else easier to read.

A nice extension would be to put a sentence of documentation in a 3rd column to the
right. For instance, the meaning of "ed-yank" might not be obvious to the
new user but a short description of it would clear up misunderstandings.