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Startup conflicts

I hoped that by this time I would have an esoteric LISP question to ask, but
I can't get past the starting gate...

I was able to get MCL 2.0 Beta to run beautifully, but 2.0 Final exits
with a status of 7.  I turned off all my inits except for my Init Manager (the
one from Baseline Publishing) and had the same failure.  If I booted with the
shift key down (i.e. no inits whatsoever including the Init Manager) I got a
Listener window and a full menu bar, but also a warning that I had insufficient
memory (I guess "no inits" also means "no virtual memory").  I have a IIci
with 4MB of RAM, no cache card, running System 7.0 (plus the TuneUp).  I got
my MCL 2.0 folder directly from the CD-ROM.  I had the same problem regardless
of whether ptable was installed.

Does anyone out there have a clue?  Does anyone have the right init
manager that allows MCL to come up gracefully?

Save me from having to program in C!