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Re: Startup conflicts

>I hoped that by this time I would have an esoteric LISP question to ask, but
>I can't get past the starting gate...
>I was able to get MCL 2.0 Beta to run beautifully, but 2.0 Final exits
>with a status of 7.  I turned off all my inits except for my Init Manager (the
>one from Baseline Publishing) and had the same failure.  If I booted with the
>shift key down (i.e. no inits whatsoever including the Init Manager) I got a
>Listener window and a full menu bar, but also a warning that I had insufficient
>memory (I guess "no inits" also means "no virtual memory").  I have a IIci
>with 4MB of RAM, no cache card, running System 7.0 (plus the TuneUp).  I got
>my MCL 2.0 folder directly from the CD-ROM.  I had the same problem regardless
>of whether ptable was installed.
>Does anyone out there have a clue?  Does anyone have the right init
>manager that allows MCL to come up gracefully?
>Save me from having to program in C!

The answer is very simple, the init you want
costs about 100$ and is called a 4MEG upgrade!

MCL needs a mininum for itself of about 3.5MEG
and your system7 will take a minimum of about

3.5 + 1.0 > 4.0   ->   problems

In fact, the only real question you have to answer
is whether or not you should not step directly to
20MEG (4x4MEGS plus your original 4) and save yourself
the disheartening experience of upgrading to 8x1MEG
and having later to trash 4x1MEG to install a new
upgrade to 20MEG. (I know the feeling :-( ).

If you can spare the money, go for 20MEGS. MCL will
be happy, your other softwares will be happy, you
will be happy (except for your bank account :-) ).