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Re: Support for Accelerated Macs?

>    Hi, we have a Mac SE with a Radius 16 Mhz Accelerator, and MCL doesn't
> seem to be comfortable with exotic CPU boards added on the REAL Apple 
>    Since I assume there are quite some people out there with accelerator
> boards, will there be any support for those machines?
>    MCL loads and run fine until it begins to evaluate a lot of 
> and it bombs with System Error #11 -- Something like 68000 Trap Error or
> similar.
>    I guess Garbage Collection and all those things require quite intimate
> relationship with the CPU. But is there any way to make MCL think it is a
> 68020 machine rather than a 68000 machine?
> - Young-pa So (e-mail : frege@crim.eecs.umich.edu)

I have a Mac SE with a Radius 25 Mhz Accelerator. I am using the final 
of MCL 2.0 running on system 6.0.7 for about 2 weeks and had no problems on 

Certainly MCL 2.0b1p3 had some problems when performing GC.

Also, MACL 1.3.2 was fine to me. However, certainly MCL 2.0 runs faster than
MACL 1.3.2.


Akira Kurihara