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Re: A better "Fred Commands" help window

In article <9208260012.AA10718@MIT.EDU> cfry@MIT.EDU (Christopher Fry) writes:
> As the originator of the Fred Commands window, I'd like to state
> that Yost's formatting is a definate improvement on mine. [Thanks David!]

Thank you.  I was wondering if anyone cared.
It's nice to hear praise from the person
whose work you hope you've approved upon.
And I agree with your suggestions.

One more thing: The list should appear twice.
The first time the commands should be grouped by type of function
The second time they should be sorted by key sequence as they are now.

> A nice extension would be to put a sentence of documentation in a 3rd
> column to the right.  For instance, the meaning of "ed-yank" might not
> be obvious to the new user but a short description of it would clear up
> misunderstandings.

Would you volunteer to do this?  I'm new to Fred and emacs.

 --dave yost