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Re: A better "Fred Commands" help window

> In article <9208260012.AA10718@MIT.EDU> cfry@MIT.EDU (Christopher Fry) writes:
> > As the originator of the Fred Commands window, I'd like to state
> > that Yost's formatting is a definate improvement on mine. [Thanks David!]
> Thank you.  I was wondering if anyone cared.
> It's nice to hear praise from the person
> whose work you hope you've approved upon.
By encouraging each other, we evolve great systems!
> And I agree with your suggestions.
> One more thing: The list should appear twice.
> The first time the commands should be grouped by type of function
> The second time they should be sorted by key sequence as they are now.
Well as long as we're evolving the design here, Its certainly nice to have a semantic
grouping. Such groupings could be made explicit via heirarchical menus.
Here's a first pass at a hierarchical help menu for MCL
  Common Lisp
     object system    
     by category
        moving cursor
     by function name
     by key binding
  Forieng Function Inteface
  Mac OS
  Window System
> > A nice extension would be to put a sentence of documentation in a 3rd
> > column to the right.  For instance, the meaning of "ed-yank" might not
> > be obvious to the new user but a short description of it would clear up
> > misunderstandings.
> Would you volunteer to do this?  I'm new to Fred and emacs.
Being new is an ADVANTAGE! We want this to be so obvious that new users can
understand it. I wouldn't mind helping but...
I was kinda hoping Apple would realize this was important and pick up the ball.
Fred help should fit into the context of other kinds of help in MCL.