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Re: problem with my first trap

beus@bunsen.cs.byu.edu writes:
    Trying a simple use of a Mac trap gives this error.
    Can anyone help?
     ? (#_sysbeep 1)
     > Error: Can't find TRAPS::_SYSBEEP in "ccl:interfaces;index;traps.idx".
     >        Consider (REINDEX-INTERFACES) or look in "ccl:library;interfaces.lisp"
     > While executing: CCL::FIND-INTERFACE-ENTRY
     > Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
     > If continued: Ignore the error.
     See the Restarts  menu item for further choices.
You don't say which version that you are using. If you're using MCL2.0b1p3
or earlier, you'll need to specify (ccl::reindex-interfaces) otherwise
specify (reindex-interfaces). The system is telling you that the index files
(files ending in .idx in the library/interfaces/index folder)
are not compatible with the source files describing the interfaces to
the traps (in the library/interfaces folder).

The traps are automatically loaded in MCL2.0 final.

To free up the memory, you can exit from lisp after reindexing the interfaces
which takes several minutes and then you can restart Lisp. The traps should
work properly.