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New file system interface problem: Help please!

   This change in the file system interface has me extremely
confused, and has held me up for nearly a week now. Since my
application opens about 80 different files in about 30 different
directories, it's kind of important that I get this. Can someone
PLEASE explain the following behaviour to me, and show me how to do
the surely-trivial thing that I want to do?

? (setf (logical-pathname-translations "rules")
    '(("**:""ccl:PSystem;Generated Rules;Aphasia Battery")))

(("**:" "ccl:PSystem;Generated Rules;Aphasia Battery"))

; Check it:
? (mac-namestring "rules:")

"Aphasia/Semantics:Lisp:PSystem:Generated Rules:Aphasia Battery"
; So far so good- this is the right path.

? (setf *phon-disc-rules*
  "2 phon-disc;Phon-Disc FRuleKit.fasl"))

#4P"rules:2 phon-disc;Phon-Disc FRuleKit.fasl"
; Well, this looks OK to me: 'rules:' plus the new path...
; but when I...

; ...check it...
? (mac-namestring *phon-disc-rules*)

"Aphasia/Semantics:Lisp:PSystem:Generated Rules:Aphasia Battery.fasl"
; HUH?! WHY have all those directories been expunged?! WHY has my
; 'Aphasia Battery' directory been treated like a '.fasl' file?!

         I'd really appreciate any help on this- thanks.


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