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Re: Apple Events

>Does MCL 2.0 support Apple Events?
Very much so, but you need 2.0 *final* to do wonderful things with AEvents
really.  There is a chapter in the manual, and at least three files in the
Examples folder (AppleEventToolkit.lisp, eval-server.lisp, toolserver.lisp)
which are there to help you.  On the CD, the kernel AEvent stuff is in the
"Additional MCL source code:Level-1:l1-highlevel-events.lisp" file, which also
contains plenty of useful funs etc. which are not documented in the manual.
The account of AEvents in Inside Mac vol 6 is not always as helpful as it might
be, but you should familiarise yourself with that early on.  You will also do
well to get hold of the AppleEvent Registry and several AEvent demos (with C
source) which are shipped on developer CDs from Apple (and on the Apple ftp
server if that is more accessible!).
If you can afford to wait a couple of weeks - well, by the time you have found
that lot, let alone read it, it could be October! - I will be posting some more
AEvent code on cambridge.apple.com and AppleLink, whose main purpose is to show
how you can make an application 'fully factored', i.e. use AEvents to
communicate user actions to the code engine, and thus extensively scriptable.
My first test stuff is being reviewed by various folk more expert than I at
Happy reading,