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AI Conference "Call for Papers"

              Ft. Lauderdale, FL. April 18-21, 1993

                        Call for Papers

The Sixth Annual Florida AI Research Symposium seeks high quality
international submissions  in all areas of AI.  We are especially
interested in papers describing knowledge-based approaches to the
construction of  intelligent systems.  We construe a system to be
"knowledge-based" when  its behavior  depends largely on accessed
or encoded  information.  The symposium will strive for a balance
between theory  and practice.  All accepted papers will appear in
the conference  proceedings.   Selected papers  will appear  in a
post-proceedings volume  published by  JAI Press.  In addition, a
small  number  of  papers  will  be  selected  for  revision  and
publication in  a special  issue of the "International Journal of
Expert Systems: Research and Applications".

                      Submission of Papers

Authors must  submit 6  copies of an extended abstract of 1200 to
1600 words.  Include a single copy of a cover page containing the
author's  name(s),  address,  phone  number,  affiliation,  paper
title, and  topic  area.    In  case  of  multiple  authors,  all
correspondence will  be sent to the first author unless otherwise
requested.   The abstract  must be  placed on  a separate page(s)
from the  cover page  and must  include the paper title and topic
area.   The abstract  page(s) should  NOT identify  the author or
affiliation in any manner.

Abstracts must  be RECEIVED  by  September  28,  1992.  Abstracts
received after  this date  will NOT  be considered.  The  Program
Committee's decisions  will be  mailed in  late November of 1992.
Authors of accepted papers will be expected to submit their final
camera-ready copy  of their  full papers  by  February  1,  1993.
Final  papers   must  consist   of  at   most  5   galley   pages
(approximately 10  double spaced  pages).  A reduced registration
rate will be provided to all authors.

For information  concerning submissions  or to submit an abstract

          Dr. Douglas D. Dankel II
          FLAIRS-93, Program Committee Chair
          E301 CSE, C.I.S.
          University of Florida
          Gainesville, FL  32611
          (904) 392-1387 or ddd@cis.ufl.edu
          (904) 392-1220 (FAX)

General Chair:
          Dr. Fred Hoffman
          FLAIRS-93, General Chair
          Department of Mathematics
          Florida Atlantic University
          Boca Raton, FL  33431
          (407) 367-3345 or hoffman@acc.fau.edu
          (407) 367-2745 (FAX)

Program Committee:

          J. Adams-Webber     Brock University
          J. Bradshaw         Boeing Computer Services
          D. Cook             University of Texas, Arlington
          V. Dahl             Simon Fraser University
          E. Dietrich         SUNY Binghamton
          M. Fishman          Eckerd College
          K. Ford             University of West Florida
          J. Glasgow          Queen's University
          A. Gonzalez         University of Central Florida
          S. Goodwin          University of Regina
          T. Gruber           Stanford University
          L. Hall             University of South Florida
          P. Hayes            Stanford University
          M. Harandi          Univ. of Il., Urbana-Champaign
          R. Hewett           Florida Atlantic University
          M. Huhns            MCC
          A. Kandel           University of South Florida
          J. Kelly            Martin Marietta
          U. Khan             U.S. Department of the Treasury
          H. Kyburg           University of Rochester
          D. Leake            Indiana University
          R. Morris           Florida Institute of Technology
          T. Nutter           V.P.I.
          F. Petry            Tulane University
          J. Schlossberg      Lockheed AI Center
          D. Schwartz         Florida State University
          E. Simoudis         Lockheed AI Center
          J. Tenenberg        Indiana University, South Bend
          S. Walczak          University of Tampa
          J. Wertheimer       M.I.T.
          B. Wielinga         University of Amsterdam
          R. Yager            Iona College
          L. Zadeh            UC Berkeley
          N. Zlatareva        Central Connecticut State Univ.