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Re: main-screen-color-p

In article <9208261535.AA13352@media-lab.mit.edu> Henry Lieberman,
lieber@MEDIA-LAB.MEDIA.MIT.EDU writes:
>Main-Screen-Color-P still doesn't do it, I'm afraid. 
>On my machine, a color screen, it returns T, but when I set the
>Monitors control panel to black-and-white, it still returns T.
>I think what most programs will want to know is whether color pixels
>are actually reaching the user's retina, not if the screen has the
>"capability" in some sense to do color display.

 I think the best way to check for colour is first to see if the Mac
you're running on supports colour with Gestalt asking for
gestaltQuickdrawFeatures, test the result for gestaltHasColor.

 Then get the main screens gDevice using GetMainDevice and check
the current depth of the device by looking in the pixelSize field
of its gdPMap (ie the graphics device pixel map).

 Sorry, I don't have any lisp code for this but it isn't hard.
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